Michael Dell bought Dell's Share USD100 Million

CEO Dell that has the name resembled his company, Michael Dell, bought the share of this company with a value of USD100 million.

After the process of the purchase of this share, the Dell share at once increased as far as 4.5 percent to USD22,70 per the share. However they continued to feel unsatisfied and to want to gain the increase approximately 2,3 percent or 52 penny per the share.

According to the interested side, as being launched through Associated Press, on Thursday (3/7/2008), Michael Dell succeeded in totaling the number of shares that was owned by him in the manufacturer's company of the biggest computer in the world. The share that was bought by him approximately 4.5 million sheets of the share with the price USD99,7 million in three stages and different time, since last June 27.

This step resulted in himself having approximately 11 percent of the total available share, or approximately 250 million sheets of the share that was owned by him directly or indirectly. Totally 11 percent share be as much as USD5,6 billion. Predicted the number of shares will continue to get because of Dell ambitious to gain most again the share in Dell.

Dell was the manufacturer's company of the world computer that had been formed since 1984 by Michael Dell since he was still sitting in the university bench. Since that time, Dell became the biggest computer company and occupied the position of the number of one. However love this position must be shifted during 2006 since the emergence of Hewlett-Packard.

Michael Dell personally decided to withdraw as CEO Dell last January 2007 after Dell began to experience the decline. Uptil now Dell more liked to sell his computer direct to retailer in large scale than must sell to the consumer of the individual through the telephone and the internet.

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