Cheap Laptop be the New Trend!

The COMPETITION for the price of the lap-top computer (laptop) increasingly violent. By cutting several fitur, many manufacturers relied on the valuable product was covered. Of course, laptop as this was not made function to shift laptop high-end like Sony Vaio, Acer Ferrari, or Apple Macbook.

It was important, the function of the foundation like browsing the internet, turned music, saw the film and the photograph, through to the application office was fulfilled. Ultra-low cost laptop Eee PC the Asus production, for example, was sold with the range of the price US$ 300 through to US$ 370 per unit.

With the price that in fact cheaper than the Desktop computer, his hope increasingly many people could access information technology and computerization. With the screen 7 inch and heavy less than one kilogram, Asus Eee PC has been equipped by the connection of Wi-Fi, the internal modem, the memory 512 MB, as well as harddisk2-4 GB. The size that was unified made laptop this was practical to access the internet or work anywhere. In the cafe, in the car, or in the office.

According to the expert in Information Technology (TI) was willing Sri Wisnu, trend laptop valuable was covered this to the front will continue to move on. They that liven up was makes or the domestic manufacturer. "Currently the domestic product could have offered fitur low end with the price under five millions," said Wisnu.

He then demonstrated the Axioo make, BYON, Ion, and Zyrex that were acknowledged made by the Motherland. "That has because of his spare parts filled the quantity to be stated as the domestic product by the government, more" male" two children. Despite this, with the quite cheap price of Wisnu said so that the user too much did not hope many matters fitur. "Features available only enough for the use" of the "standard then."

For example to home office application. The work edited the photograph or played game possibly could, but more inadequate. The price yes must be just patient, he explained and laughed.

He himself could try directly Asus Eee PC. The result? "If to user like me, was tortured very much," he said. After the use one month, laptop from this Asustek Computer was sold again. "From the aspect of storage has been very limited, the media display also more unsatisfactory," he complained.

Laptops had a cheap price indeed often did not serve fitur luxurious. Despite this, enough that has been satisfied to use him. It was senior that Marketing PT Yummy Food Main Sofyan Ramassyah, for example, was proud of BYON M31W that just he bought. "At first I want to bought laptop the famous but second-hand make."

But evidently, money that I had was enough to buy laptop artificial local that was enough to be covered, he explained. "Beside his price was cheap, fitur him was enough for the office person like me." Most only opened Word and Excel to work, or Power Point for the presentation. So his function really to mobile, explained the close man was greeted by Pian.

According to him, the bad image about laptop cheap not forever true. All depended the requirement, how many uses laptop outside the Desktop computer. "If compared with that branded clear the difference." But saw his good side, fitur that was met almost same would, said Pian that claimed often greed the friend an office. Feature that most was liked by him was chatting used webcam in the gift camera 1.3 MB.

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