Cheap Laptop, No Longer Dream

Taipei - A company published the sale laptop with the quite cheap price, below USD200. Laptop could be like that had if the user wanted to understand the limitation hardware that was carried by him. One laptop that attracted attention in the site of the sale, was Impulse NPX-9000 that had the measurement of the screen approximately 7 inch with help of the Linux operation system.

This Laptop was also armed with the processor 400Mhz, RAM have a capacity 128M, flash storage 1Gb and fitur wireless. Not only that, laptop this also was equipped with web browser and software multimedia. Unfortunately, to this Alibaba site, you could not buy in a manner the unit. To have laptop with the price less than 200 this you were required bought minimal 100 units went through a company of the provider's service laptop from Taiwan named Carapelli.

Launched through PC World, on Monday (28/7/2008), laptop cheap following that will fill the market was one laptop made by OLPC. Social organization of property vendor-vendor this computer would launches the computer with the XO series costing USD188. Initially, XO was sold in a limited way in developing countries that needed communication information technology. However in the future, XO will begin to melt; and spread the area.

However was indicated, his price that was cheap this will have the limitations like the achievement of the slow processor and the limited graphic capacity. Laptop cheap other came from a company had a name CherryPal that priced desktop-mini costing USD249 with the processor capacity 400Mhz, RAM 256Mb and flash storage internal as big as 4Gb.

Was not left behind, the former official OLPC Mary Lou Jepsen, was reported will bring laptop costing USD75 this coming 2010. Under the auspices of Pixel Qi, Jepsen will reduce several unimportant components and reduced the RAM capacity to achieve the selling price laptop as big as that.

From however many vendor the computer that launched laptop cheap, only one company that it was considered gave the road in the possibility laptop cheap was in the market. Vendor the Asus computer that concentrated in Taiwan it was reported sold his 350,000 Eee PC in the first quarter this year with the price around US$300

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