US$ 10 Laptop From India?

New Delhi, on Tuesday - To support the utilization of information technology in education, the Indian government pushed the development laptop costing 10 US dollar or around Rp100.000-an. This Laptop will be used in senior secondary schools. "His research will be carried out by the Institute of Science India in Bangalore and the Institute Technology India in Chennai," said D Purandeswari, School Minister of India State in a press conference in Delhi, on Tuesday (29/7). He did not mention further concerning the specification of this computer, but confirmed some costs of his production will be subsidized by the government.

Apart from the provisions laptop cheap, the Indian government also developed cheap equipment of Internet access. The network of the Internet will be developed down to the corner to increase learning the long distance was based on IT. High School plan will also be given bandwidth free of charge to access the Internet in his educational program. India including the country with penetration of the low Internet. From 1.13 billion inhabitants, only was gotten by 4.38 million customers the Internet have a speed high. Efforts to promote IT India for education had been cleared since long before together with several big companies like Microsoft and Intelligence. India had also proclaimed the development of the computer with the cheap price beforehand.

The Indian government was not interested with the One Laptop Per Child program (OLPC) that was thought of by Nicholas Negroponte. The reason is, giving laptop for each school child considered to produce the side-effect especially hindered creativity and the analysis power. Nevertheless, the pilot project OLPC was done there since last year with the support of one of the service providers the Internet, Reliance Communication. Microsoft Research Center in India, since the last two years precisely developed the application so that one computer could be accessed by more than one person. Apart from pressing the cost, the gathering use will encourage collaboration. One of them the application MightyMice that enabled 30 mouse could be used together in one computer that has instal with the Multipoint platform.

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