More Wide Screen From Asus Eee PC

After receiving the response was very good from the Eee PC model beforehand, ASUS dismissed the newest Eee PC generation that is Eee PC 901, 904, and 1000H. The supreme product of ASUS is Eee PC 901 and 1000H. Two of this series could be applied with the Windows program and Linux, in accordance with the requirement user. Moreover was second the series has been equipped by the memory DDR2 through to 1GB for 901 and 2GB to 1000H, built in webcam 1,3 M. Pixel, as well as Bluetooth that were buried. Especially to 1000H was supplemented with SSD 12GB that made this series shockproof. From the aspect of audio, that in modern could not be separated from one gadget, 901 and 1000H was armed with the quality audio of the same class the cinema with the Dolby Sound Room Certified existence, stereo speaker, as well as digital array mic for the quality voice chatting that better because of could reduce the noise level.

To prove that this device gadget mobile best, 901 and 1000H providing WiFi 802.11n that enabled connectivity wireless fast. From all the surplus that has been offered, 901 and 1000H became the ASUS mainstay because the two series were claimed that the first time in the world used the Atom Intelligence processor, the smallest processor Intelligence that was developed with the smallest transistor in the world. Therefore 901 and 1000H was suitable to be used for them with multitasking job. Whereas for the series 904, not very many differences inside. 904 and 1000H together used HDD 80GB for them who needed many memory space. That distinguished from the two series beforehand was 904 only could be used with Windows Xp, the Bluetooth nonexistence, the use of Celeron Intelligence that only was strong in single tasking and wireless the data network 802.11b.

The newest series from Eee PC this was claimed as laptop that really user friendly. The consumer's target that was scrutinized by ASUS with the issuing of this series was the photographer, blogger or the writer, the student, and sales agent that all of it high mobility and demanded the practicability. Then was not wrong when laptop this only weighing 1,40-1,45 kg for 904 and 1000H as well as 1,1 kg for 901. Moreover was offered by battery endurance till 8 hours to support the activity many without must be busy often filled repeated. As not having completely him, ASUS added Eee storage for the three series. Eee storage facilitated user to keep and share the data with the friend through the internet connection with the capacity of 10-12GB. Security and access was easy to be guaranteed. ? Eee PC was perfect equipment for enthusiastic that often was outside the room or that often activity for the trip?

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