Mini Laptop For Teenager!

After Asus Eee PC, Intel Classroom, and the like, the market laptop the small measurement will be increasingly busy with the Mini Note entry 2133 from Hewlett Packard to Indonesia. Laptop cute with the screen 8,9 inch this was sold costing 699 US dollar or around Rp6,5 million. "This was the new category product" of the "MOBILE PHONE that was aimed for the segment" of "young children, fashionista, and the student," said Mariana Kasim, Marketing Director Personal System & Imaging and Printing Group the Indonesian HP.

At this time just was available one Mini Note type, but the HP will immediately dismiss other types. He said, for the HP still the focus to the business market and the corporation. The Mini Note presence could it was hoped boost up his market share in the segment of the still backward consumer, especially from Acer.

In the meantime, Yohan Wijaya, Marketing Development Manager Commercial Notebook the Indonesian HP, said this product was not positioned as content consumption or to access konten the Internet or the entertainment media then. However, with feature complete, Mini Note daat was made function as content creation be proper for notebook generally so as to be able to be used to work.

This product was designed as high mobility equipment with feature complete like notebook generally. It was mini that Note 2133 was supported the VIA processor 1.2 GHz, the graphic VIA card 256 MB, hardisk 120 GB, the memory 1 GB, as well as the operation system Windows the Vista and software the protection of the HP of 3D Drive Guard. With casing used anode aluminum, heavy laptop mini this only 1,19 kilogram. Yohan promising, if at this time only was available with hardisk, Mini Note the following type will possibly be available with SSD (solid state the disc). Moreover, did not close the Mini Note possibility of using Linux as the system of the basic operation.

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