Sony Reveal The Newest 3 Laptop Vaio

Vaio AR20

Sony expressed the laptop rank of Vaio: Vaio AR20, FE3 and N10. The three models laptop this reportedly will be released in the near future. Vaio AR20 was one of the supreme Sony products. As being quoted from softpedia, on Monday (18/09/2006), laptop this was equipped Blue-Ray writer that could be used to edit, playback and burnt (burning) high definition video .

Vaio FE3

This Laptop was armed with HD ready X-black 1920 x 1200 LCD screen that had compatibility 1080p, and was integrated with hybrid digital-analogue tuner with HDMI output. Had a supply of Core supports of the Intelligence processor 2 of Duo T7200, Vaio AR20 was equipped memory the module DDR2 have a capacity 2 GB. In the meantime, Sony Vaio FE30 was drafted as laptop the family and was supplemented with LCD display widescreen 15.4 inch with technology dual lamp, so that contrast and brightness that was produced better. Laptop this also was equipped hard the disk have a capacity 200 GB and Core Intelligence 2 Duo.

Vaio N10

Whereas Sony Vaio N10 was aimed to entry the level. Laptop this was equipped hard the disk have a capacity 80 GB or 100 GB, LCD 15.4 inch, Wi-Fi and the SD card reader. The model laptop this was very appropriate to be used in the office complex. The matter of the price, according to the latest report, the Sony side was not yet prepared to unfold him. Definitely him, the list of the price of the rank laptop this will be released in the near future also.

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