Laptop 3,5G Flybook was aimed 400 units

Laptop from Italy, Flybook currently is again present at the Indonesian market with the type of Flybook V33i HSDPA. relying feature data communication was based on the cellular service 3,5G, laptop that was aimed at by the behavior was sold by as many as 400 units. "His player (in the sector laptop -red) many and our product his segment was certain, so we only aimed at 400 units was sold or 0.5% from market size that was estimated by IDC of 80,000 year units," said Mary T. Oetomo, Director PT Datascript the Flybook division.

Flybook V33i HSDPA was it was admitted considered to be expensive for the market retail in Indonesia. Laptop will be released with the price US$ 2,999. However, with the increase in the requirement would the high mobility and the function of supportive communication, Mary as the single Flybook distributor in Indonesia optimistic the request laptop this will increase. "Indonesia unlike Europe for his purchasing power affair, but we stayed optimistic in the sale." The IDC research personally in 2007 estimated had the growth, from 80,000 to 100,000 units. OK, when market size rose, our target the model rose was 0.5%, he explained.

In the demonstration of the product, Flybook took the cellular operator by the hand the provider of the service of 3G Telkomsel. According to Mary, by using the service of 3G Telkomsel that fully did not yet support HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Data Access), the speed of access that was received could reach 1 Mbps. The identity, the service 3G was based on UMTS/Wideband CDMA only offered the speed of access through to 384 Kbps. However with HSDPA or 3.5G, the speed of access that was offered should be able to reach 1.8 mbps. Apart from HSDPA, communication wireless other that was provided laptop that was Bluetooth 1,2 and WiFi 802.11b. Both of them used feature antenna built in.

Flybook this type used the Pentium Intelligence processor M. Processor ULV 733 1.1 GHz. Notebook from Italy with the choice of the red and black color, was designed in the form of compact dimension 235 x 155 x 31 mm seriously 1.230 gram. Laptop mini same was present with the format of the wide screen 16:9 and measuring diagonal 8.9 inch. Whereas the resolution that was offered reached 1024 x 600 pixel with the depth of the color through to 32 bit. Laptop the series of V33i HSDPA this also could be acknowledged as PC the tablet, because of could be turned and being present with the screen touched used the pen stylus. Equipped with hard the disk 40GB with the speed 5400 rpm, was available also the choice for the storage capacity as big as 80GB or 100GB. Other feature that accompanied laptop with the Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition operation system or Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition, that is, built in V.92 the modem, VGA, 2 slot USB 2,0, 2 slot Firewire and TV-out.

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