How to Choose a Laptop?

In recent times newspapers have been flooded by the sale advertisement laptop cheap. From the kings laptop like Toshiba, IBM alias Lenovo, the MOBILE PHONE, Acer, to the newcomers like ECS, A Note, and Benq, all the pairs of the advertisement. By $500, who could bring came home laptop good-looking and the style. From many the make and the kind laptop that was widespread that approximately whatever that was suitable for you? Along with this some factors that must be considered in chose laptop. This results of thoughts dummy for dummies, hehehe … Who knew it is useful.

1. Determine the price limit
According to the financial consultants better we bought was based on the REQUIREMENT not the WISH not also PRESTIGE. (the prestige then how come not might)

2. The application what often was used:
If only for typing, made the presentation PowerPoint, excel, internet connection, from time to time Photoshop the Celeron Intelligence class or AMD Sempron has then been enough. Moreover often has been equipped by Wifi access. Need not buy laptop dg the Centrino processor yg expensive. Celeron/Sempron then strong for Photoshop, Corel Draw, moreover QuarkExpress (the design utk made the newspaper like that was worn the Tempo Newspaper) –was tested in the house. If wanted more powerful with laptop cheap, upgraded personally the memory or RAM from 256 MB – > 512 MB. because of Windows XP like Linux if being installed in the computer with 256 MB memory indeed not all that much.

If for they who like hack the computer program, the heavy graphic design, indeed more was good with the upper-class processor like Core 2, AMD Turion. Centrino or Core Solo normally then in fact also has been moderate.

And remembered laptop-laptop the Core Duo processor at this time then could not running 100 percent like that was wanted by his producer. Because, the Core processor 2 demanded software just that be suitable “brain”. And now software that still little. Just Windows Vista only(that then just launches). So, the aspect of the speed that was hoped for from the work laptop Core 2 this yes.. will be too dramatic..

3. How mobile are you?
More mobile chose that was small and light. In general laptop the weight 2,3-2,5 kg. Laptop this in order to cover the disturbance like in Tasikmalaya (Several years set) or Poso–means was carried in the backpack of the road of the city circle more than 2 jam–make stiff shoulders were moderate. Ideally for the reporter searched the light below 2 kg only was expensive. However, if being used by his work only in the office or 1-2 months very much the work in the cafe was so heavy 2,3-2,5 kg still OK. * More mobile chose the durable battery. In general laptop battery only 2.5 - 3 hours. That was ultra low voltage like Fujitsu output, Sony Vaio, Toshiba Portage could 4-7 hours. * For the user that not high frequent flyer the battery class 2.5-3 hours have then been enough. (It is, as strong we the work in the cafe like Starbucks? It was better to watch the guest of the cafe or barista would than the work, he.. he.. he..)

4. The screen
Who like small of course chose the screen 8, 10, 11 or 12 inch – > unfortunately the small this is usually more expensive. While 13 or 14 inch. That 15 inch usually again cheaper. Want to wide but not wanna looked big chose that wide screen. The screen 13 wide screen moderate, was not too small or big.

The design yes was glad him 17 inch 5. That must be remembered also laptop that has been bought by us tended his price entered free. In 2 years laptop second-hand that could descend his price 2-4 million. So if bought very expensive considered also the contraction thought yg foolish. If I more liked bought laptop that was not too sophisticated remembered his price 2-4 years will provide completely and sold came back laptop that was not easy. Choose medium technology, with the middle price possibly one of the alternatives that ought to be considered because from the side of technology was not left behind very much, from the price also lack the pocket really.

6. The Vendor Reputation
*IBM (now Lenovo) — the awkward design (the type finally then rather sweet like Z61), but strong and obstinate, the measurement keyboard most appropriate on the hands of
* Acer — the Taiwanese make the sweet design, his claim the number of one in Europe in 2006
* Toshiba — for years had been laptop no 1 in the world and in Indonesia, moderate obstinate
* ECS — the Taiwanese make, he said OK asked Prabandari (Kabiro the Time in Bandung, he bought ECS that the PC tablet form like the agenda book from 2005), after-sale he said also OK * Dell –Cool for the type that Inspiron as having Mas Wawan (Technology)
* Sony Vaio — Hfff… the design that the TX type so cool, really small and cute. Love his price still in $1800-$2000.
* the Mobile Phone/Compaq — Unfortunately I had not liked his design of
* Fujitsu — that the type of the good-looking small size.. Although being not as funny as Vaio
* Powerbook — cool and different, thin, but heavy and did not agree for hacker the computer because of his operation system of Macintosh. The other factor only accesoris like the connection bluetooth, infra red, security the examination of the finger, the card reader of SD. All of these could be minor consideration. Yes, the hunter and the lover laptop second-hand he.. he.. he.., might be heard might also not. So, the next one was up to you you.

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