New Asus Eee PC in the Mid 2008

Asus apparently really made use of the momentum was increasingly famous him brand Eee PC belonging to him. In the middle of this 2008 emerged several new Eee PC versions netbook that was made fill several segment holes of the more specific market. The uniqueness, all with the same design but the contents spec him different. To that the version screen 10 inch, the measurement of the whole became somewhat bigger compared to the measurement screen 8,9 inch (saw his photograph was supervised). Any they?

Asus Eee PC 901 (release in June 2008), with the atomic processor with bluetooth, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 1024x600 screen and 20 GB SSD. Afterwards after that was endless emerged the other Eee PC series 1000 (the Atom, 10 inch, 40 GB SSD, bluetooth), 1000H (the Atom, 10 inch with HDD 80 GB, bluetooth), Eee PC 1000HD (the processor of Intel® Dothan 353/ 900MHz, HDD 80 GB), Eee PC 904 (8,9 inch, Celeron 900 and HDD 80 GB). Intel® Dothan was the other name from Pentium Intelligence M. that in the special design for laptop. Confused ok? Chose that in accordance with your requirement. Don't be confused, that was important therefore Asus want to showed to the public that they cared about the consumer and wanted to provide as much as possible the choice for the market, depended on their respective requirement.

The price? The Asus Eee PC version 901 and Asus Eee PC 1000 around USD 599 above, Asus Eee PC 1000H USD 550 above, that was other still could not I confirmation here. Along with the picture that was taken from Computex in Taiwan some time before. The comparison between Eee PC 1000 (white, 10 inch) and Eee PC 901 (black, 8,9 inch) and that the right tip white was Eee PC 701 (screen 7 inch).

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