Lenovo took part in UMPC with IdeaPad S10 and S9

Finally the big player Lenovo (previously IBM) entered also to market UMPC (ultra mobile PC) or began often was mentioned as netbook. Although late compared to the other competitor, apparently Lenovo serious played in this segment. The version of early they were acknowledged as IdeaPad S10 with the specification really was similar to the other competitors like Asus Eee PC and Acer Aspire One. The price also began to be competitive and this was very good for the community. Will be launched in China, his post of Lenovo to 5 Sepetember 2008 and entered the USA and the other country in October. Indonesia? Usually if in China and Taiwan has been available, almost definitely also will enter Indonesia.

IdeaPad S10 did not have the SSD version but only HDD. the first Version of the USD price 399 with HDD 80 GB and 512MB of RAM. Afterwards that the USD price 450 with HDD 160 GB and 1 GB RAM. Both Of Them with the new processor 1.6GHz the Atom and Windows XP original preloaded, veris Linux Linpus will follow. Spec other resembled the competitor that is WiFi, Bluetooth, ExpressCard, 4-in-1 card reader and 1,3 megapixel webcam. Touchpad also already multitouch (like available in Apple iPhone). Unfortunately, screen continue to 1024 x 600 with the measurement 10,2 inch. The design really resembled Eee PC and did not resemble the row of the product laptop Lenovo other. S10 also had feature that was carried laptop IBM other that is Lenovo OneKey™ Rescue System.

Just could information that the version 8.9 inch from IdeaPad this also will emerge with 8GB SSD, not 80GB HDD from available in S10. His official name of Lenovo IdeaPad S9. The other specification would mairip around both of them. His price will revolve 12.900 Taiwanese dollar, around USD 420. Cheaper compared to S10 that would dibandrol 17.900 Taiwanese dollar.

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