Lenovo ThinkPad X301 Againts Apple MacBook Air

Astonishment thinly Apple MacBook Air? But still wanted to continue to use Windows or Linux? Please his correspondence that will be launched by Lenovo (previously IBM, afterwards was bought by Lenovo China). Lenovo super thin that was given by the number of the version X301 this used SSD technology (Solid State Disk) and not hardisk normally, was the same as MacBook Air. SSD was based on the memory kilisan (equally precisely with technology your flashdisk). So really will save the place in square that was very thin and narrow. The specification was made very high (the high end) so as his price was also extraordinary expensive. The price was estimated beginning with USD 2599. The date of the launching was on August 26 2008. The version WiMAX just will emerge the end 2009 (for a long time OK? ). Read also the News MacBooc Air that I wrote at the time of his launching previously.

Then why the book notes small and thin like this? I still remembered when previously Apple iPod emerged with thin technology of this kind. A child the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL that used and always put to the pocket of trousers of the genie's trousers finally bit the finger because iPod him was broken, because of thin him. Likewise to laptop thin this, was used in the situation what OK? For you who had money and wanted to appear the difference, so this his choice. But for the person that give priority to functionality with the barely adequate pocket, it seems not this product his choice. Back to you yourself...

His processor was very new, used Core Intelligence 2 Duo ULV (ultra the low voltage) U9300 (1.2GHz) and U9400 (1.4GHz) with 6MB L2 supplies and 1066MHz FSB. till today the version of the Intelligence processor that will be used this was not yet released by Intelligence personally. Memory as far as 2GB of DDR3 RAM. SSD that was used also highest the class, the capacity 80GB or 128GB (the version 128 GB just will enter the market in September 2008). Compared with UMPC like Asus Eee PC that only until 32 GB. generally, laptop this had the measurement was very high, but will be sold without the incentive to optics, and carefully also wore him because very thin. It did not yet have the technical data the dimension of his measurement, but from the picture, apparently will not be as thin as MacBook Air that could be put the envelope all.

Along with information complete concerning his specification in English that was obtained by me from various sources: Core Intelligence 2 Duo ULV (ultra low voltage) U9300 (1.2GHz) and U9400 (1.4GHz) with 6MB L2 cache and 1066MHz FSB. Support up to 2GB of DDR3 RAM. SSDs of the 80GB or 128GB (beforehand in X300 only had the option 64GB). DisplayPort Jack Is included. Mobile broadband quality and GPS. Compared with Apple MacBook Air: Processor Core Intelligence 2 of DUO 1.80GHZ. OS Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard. Solid-State Drive (SSD) 64GB. RAM Max 2GB. the Price revolved USD 2200. Screen 13,3 inch. Seriously 3 of Pounds. iSight camera. AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi. Bluetooth 2,1. The picture above was Lenovo ThinkPad X300. The picture was supervised this was Apple MacBook Air.

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