Acer Aspire Gemstone Blue, For Cinematic Lover!

Continued his revolutionary product in 2007, last May 29 2008 Acer again launched notebook designed exclusive “Gemstone” that mesmerized, namely Acer Aspire 8920 and Aspire 6920, notebook that had the High Definition concept (HD) notebook PC, complete with feature innovative that was packed in the exclusive design have a caliber very high.
Feature Holographic 3D cover that decorated the two notebook Acer with the colored light blue, gave the typical characteristics and could revive the design of this newest product so as this exclusive product was given by the Aspire Gemstone Blue name.

Apart from feature footprint unique measuring 18,4” and 16”, as well as was equipped the Full HD LCD monitor with the resolution 16:9 and Blu-Ray Disc™drive, the two notebook this also integrated technology audio Dolby® Home Theater that was sophisticated like Cine Surround, Poison CineBass booster, and True5.1 output, that created a new standard for the quality of the voice notebook inside.

The image from left to right: Daniel Rustandi – Marketing Director Acer Indonesia, and Jason glue of – Country Manager Acer Indonesia around the models in the Acer Aspire Gemstone Blue launching agenda in The Vintage, Plaza Senayan, on May 29 2008

Moreover, was available also Interface Acer CineDash the media console, interface that really was sensitive to the touch and gave the method just carried out entertainment and launches Acer Arcade in the calculation of the second, arranged navigation of the menu, adapted the volume and arranged the media easily.

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