Dell Inspiron 910, Killer Netbook

Why did I like that be enthusiastic covered the UMPC development or netbook this? Because of the segment of this computer that was believed in by me 100% can bring the world of the utilization of information technology could be very fast progressed. Imagine millions of Indonesian school children used netbook cheap that was sophisticated, terkoneksi to the Internet, was guaranteed our nation can be again faster progressed competed with the other nation... This could really be reached with APBN education that already 20%. Be kept looking for the strategy that was exact to make use of him. Followed continued the development of UMPC/netbook this in the article blog.

Evidently Acer Aspire One, I I the prediction will become his king netbook in the future, just announced officially the decline in the price of his product. Something that was very positive although still could not penetrate the psychological figure was supervised by USD 300. The version 8 GB Windows XP will descend to USD 349 (from USD 399), the Linpus Linux Lite version was USD 329 (from USD 379). The version of the durable battery with six-cell battery pack was USD 399. As the king laptop cheap, Acer was believed in by me will continue to be able to press the price, was good by means of production efficiency and also in the distribution.

Very much the producers had finally penetrated the limit was supervised by USD 300, I thought in 1 year in front of the price will be very competitive and playing in the USD range in the 200 's. If being supervised by USD 100 possibly still necessary time was fastest 1 year in the future.

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