Lenovo; The Best PC Notebook Producer!

Lenovo continued to show his quality as the producer PC notebook foremost. One of the proof in fact was the study of Notebook IT Buying Behavior and Customer Satisfaction that was done by Technology Business Review (TBR) in the first quarter 2008 “Goals we were to produce PC-PC with the best plan in the world and this most were reached by giving the customer's service and the best support.

Starting from when having spare parts supplies that were adequate to the support through the efficient telephone, we the focus in the PC problem resolution the customer as the priority, “ said Chris Askew, Senior Vice President, Lenovo Worldwide Services.

In the report on the TBR survey, Lenovo also it was thought continued to maintain leadership in the design of the product notebook ThinkPad. Some notebook that was featured by ThinkPad X300 (was launched in February 2008) stressed the design of the product.

Moreover, the availability of technology ThinkVantage also was made added value because of could facilitate the customer when accessing the network connection until pacified and restored the data. With the combination of Lenovo technology, the customer could unload the cost kepemilikian PC and maximised their investment.

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