One T; New Notebook From Elonex

The Elonex name quite rare canned be heard, but not meant the manufacturer from England this immediately sank just like that. After resting that was moderate old from the market, currently the Elonex name again resounds by bringing the One T name, new notebook. One T came with the processor 400MHz and the screen measuring 7 inch that had the resolution 800 x 480 pixel. Elonex was present with varying colors.

Supported by with Solid State Drive/Disk as big as 1GB and was increased also with slot the external SD. One T memory also supported feature WiFi/g, VGA output and three USB plugs 2,0. However the user was also given by the choice with the One T version that had the media kept bigger, 2GB.

Netbook that dimension 210 x 140 x 30mm and the weight 625 gram this, had the strength for around 3 hours. Unfortunately was not yet known when One T immediately slid, but definitely him this product will rock from side to side for the first time in his origin country and priced around $255, cheaper than Eee PC.

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