Asus G1S; Best Gaming Laptop!

The performance of the processor and the card graphics notebook that was increasingly good bring up notebook that gain the circle gamer. One of them was Asus G1S, notebook the screen 15,4 inch that was supplemented with the graphic card the middle class from nVidia, GeForce 8600M GT. this graphic Card also supported DirectX 10, so as to support all feature that was offered by the Vista. Because of trying satisfactory gamer, Asus tried to appear complete beside the voice order. To cause the voice sensation that mesmerized, GS1 had speaker on the left, right, and low notebook.

This configuration succeeded in making the voice that was produced quite powerful, although continuing to be felt by the shortage of the touch bass. Whereas for the quality of the picture, must be counted G1S some that were best. Viewing angle him was the area on the side vertical and horizontal, so as the color and his acuteness stayed first-rate was seen from various corners. Spoke about facilities, then notebook this must be among them highest.

The optic equipment already the class of HD-DVD, and was supplemented with the connector audio-video latest, HDMI. Other unique facilities and had never been met by us in notebook other was the external SATA connector (eSATA). eSATA theoretically could channel the data until 300MB/sec, so as to be able to become alternative interesting if you often did back up to harddisk external.

Although having the complaint beside facilities was the appointment port USB. Fourth port was placed on the side behind, rather caused difficulties for his use in fact transfixed USB flash the disk was the routine activity that often was carried out by us. Notebook this had the weight 3,1 kg, so please could bring him went on a trip comfortably. The display notebook this personally was counted trapped. The use of the black material of carbon fiber shone made him be apparently strong.

Everything of Asus cleverly combined him with the green color obviously (like in the switch and the panel behind the camera), made notebook this was seen increasingly the style. The soft surface shone that evidently also was not too susceptible the examination of the finger, so as to continue to be seen clean despite often flattest our hands. We also liked keyboard him that was stable when being typed, especially because each switch was separated in the big distance and was felt in.

Although being aimed as notebook gaming, Asus GS1 basically agreed for everyone that wanted notebook trapped. Not only from the side of the performance, but Asus GS1 was also seen by the style from the side of the appearance. Moreover facilities that were enclosed were considered to be complete, from HDMI, eSATA, to HD-DVD; a combination of facilities that had never been experienced by us in notebook other. So that possibly explained his price reached US$ 2099.

Plus: was supplemented with HDMI, eSATA, HD-DVD; the Quality of the picture and the good voice.
Minus: Port USB was placed behind; expensive.

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