Laptop Wimax Emerged by the End of 2008

Intel will market the lap-top computer (laptop) with Wimax facilities (Worlwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) for high access of the speed internet began the fourth quarter 2008. "In the fourth quarter 2008 we will prepare Wimax." If Wi-fi already embedded in the lap-top computer, but for Wimax still used card in addition, said Country Manager Intel Indonesia Corporation, Budi Waluyo Jati, in the launching agenda of the new processor of Centrino Intelligence 2 in Jakarta, on Wednesday (6/8). The character continued, Intelligence just will market laptop with facilities of Wi-fi and Wimax in an embedded manner in the first semester 2009.

To in the United States, Intel will market the product of Wimax/Wifi terbaru him from the series of Intelligence of Wimax/WIfi Link 5050 that was fitur optional to laptop was based on Centrino Intelligence 2 in this year. Wimax was the generation of the 4 telecommunications (4G) that is technology wireless the wide tape was based on internet protocol have a speed high that enabled the transfer of the data as far as 80 Megabyte per the second (Mbps),more faster from the based internet service the cellular service the generation to three (3G) that only around 2.4 Mbps. Wimax also enabled the range of the telephone and the internet that were wider unlike Wi-fi that offered the capacity to connect the connection without the cable to various locations in cities.

The character said, Intelligence used the Wimax standard international that is 16e (the standard of Wimax IEEE 802.16e) despite the government of the possibility of using the standard of Wimax 16d (the standard of Wimax IEEE 802.16d). Wimax the standard 16e, according to him was better compared with Wimax the standard 16d because Wimax 16e could be used for Wimax equipment continue to (fix), nomadik and Wimax moved compared to Wimax 16d that only for Wimax continue to and nomadik. "Globally, the Wimax use headed in the standard 16e," said Budi. He regretted if the government will eventually determine the standard of the use of equipment of Wimax 16d than Wimax 16e. "But the government possibly had special consideration, for example to more developed the domestic telecommunications industry," he said.

The character also suggested that the government determined the use of the spectrum of the Wimax frequency in the range 2.3 GHz because the range of this spectrum was relative still was empty from the use of telecommunications equipment at this time. He expected the government immediately to pass the regulation concerning the standard of Wimax equipment and the spectrum of the frequency of the Wimax use including the existence of the incentive for the Wimax industry domestic.

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