Classmate PC Bought Up by Portugal

Lisbon, on Wednesday - Intelligence received the order 500,000 Classmate PC, laptop cheap that was developed by him, from the Portuguese Government. Laptop that much will be distributed all through the country so as each primary school student had laptop. "This agreement will change the learning method in Portugal." This matter will change the education system, changed the student's method in the school, and how communicated with his parents, said Paulo Campos, the official was on a level with the minister in Portugal.

Apart from provided laptop, Portugal was widening the route of the Internet connection to age schools 10-16 years. Access broadband in Portugal still was classified as low with penetration 15 percent in the network continue to and 16 percent network moved.

"In many opportunities, hardware became warm rumors in fact still many problems from connectivity, software, the infrastructure, and the training," said Craig Barrett, Chairman Intel that was visiting to Portugal. According to him, hardware just one of the problems and must be content local that walked above. Intelligence also proclaimed the training program to teachers to make use of information technology in education. Until this already 5 million teachers who were trained all over the world and will be multiplied in a year in the future. The Classmate PC project in line with the One Laptop Per Child point of view (OLPC) that was established by Nicholas Negroponte, the professor from the Institute of Technology Massachusetts (MIT).

Secondly the side developed the alliance since July 2007 but in January 2008 Intel withdrew as the OLPC supporter because of being forbidden to campaign for Classmate. Classmate PC was originally aimed for the market of developing countries, but later Intelligence change the strategy so as his range was wider as far as the market retail. In Indonesia, Intel took Axioo and Zyrex by the hand to shipping Classmate PC with only US$300

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