Notebook ASUS U3 Series with GPS Integrated

Notebook ultraportable with the screen 13,3-inch this had GPS integrated

ASUS that was seen increasingly aggressive in the market notebook immediately will launch notebook the series U3 at the end this year. Notebook ultraportable with the screen 13,3-inch this had GPS integrated, HDMI port, eSata port, S-Video out, USB, Firewire, slot the SD & ExpressCard 54. Feature interesting from notebook this was the existence graphics NVIDIA 8400M dedicated that could be activated and in deactivated through hardware.

Touch of skin to the area of the prop of the hands palm.

With feature ounce/off this, the user could choose whether want to used graphics card integrated to save the battery or used dedicated graphics card that more powerful. In the matter of the design, notebook U3 was decorated with the color of the piano black in the exterior and to the interior was given by the color silver as well as to the area of the hands prop covered with colored skin black for comfort extra.

The Left image to right: Slot ExpressCard 54, on/off switch to graphics card, 2 port USB, port GPS antennae, HDMI, and port eSata.

The performance U3 was supported by Intel Saint Rosa chipset and the big possibility will maximize Intelligence of L7500 1.6GHz, the Core Intelligence processor 2 Duo voltage low. His screen used the LED variation backlit that was thin to give the impression slim on the whole. According to information, notebook ASUS U3 series this will begin to be available in September 2007 with the range of the price US$2,000.

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