MacBook Air "Something in The Air"

Steve Jobs and Apple always interesting to be followed. Jobs as though becoming the symbol of the IT progress that was simple and the behavior was sold. One of the ritual agendas yearly Apple that always was the IT world developments barometer was the Macworld agenda that always was held by the beginning of the year. In 2007 iPhone was launched in this site. Beforehand, forgot the year how many iPod also exploded after being introduced in event this. This year? Was not as special in 2007 with iPhone, this year of Jobs rose the stage released several products. That was relied on was MacBook Air, who was this? Laptop thinnest in the world, results of the work with the brilliant brain of Steve Jobs, the Apple team and the team of Intelligence. His price? USD 1800. Approximately the future behavior? Only God knows...

That was other? ITunes 7,6. For that did not know, this was software multimedia management that could the good road in Mac and Windows. Exploded when iPod glorious and the person was able easily to buy the online song costing 99 penny per the song, and immediately was put to iPod. At the time of connected MP3 player to PC still was rather complicated, Apple created the application that really was easy this. In the version 7,6 what's up that was new? Movie rental? He3... anything this? I did not yet know details, but the concept of his foundation was to make use of access broadband to watch the film that was leased directly from server Apple. Immediately was watched using Apple TV console box, could connected to 5 PC or the TV and audio system in the house. Download or streaming? While was looked for by me information previously.. :-)

That was other? Apple Time Capsule? Who was this? Wanted travel the back in time? He3... evidently not. This the implement backed up PC/laptop. So the activity back up was made really was easy with this implement. The big possibility was hardware small, possibly external harddisk, plus the application that plug in Mac OS him to do back up with only several times the clique then. His details also could not read. But was seen by us how simple is Jobs thinking, the person of the difficulty of following the procedure back up available at this time, he created the implement/the system that was easy...

Evidently Time Capsule was one wireless access point that beforehand by Apple was given by the Airport name, afterwards was increased hardisk as big as 500GB and 1TB. Jadi from anywhere in a wireless manner, the process back up could be carried out. His price? Yg 500GB USD 299, whereas that 1TB USD 499. 1TB??? OK very much... guede... uptil now hardisk as big as that only was thought about to be placed in server, now could be bought cheap to be placed in the house:-)

That was warm other? There is other... EA, Electronic Arts, the manufacturer game great the world had finally wanted to begin dismissed game just him "Spore" direct in 2 Windows versions and Mac. Why warm? Because uptil now game the developer lazy at glancing at the user Mac that still very few. Although they released game the Mac version, usually is dismissed for months after the Windows version emerged. You the user Mac? Almost definitely not, yes would? I the user Mac? Not also:-) Why I liked to follow the Apple development? Yes because of wanting to see the kick lunged at him Steve Jobs... plus Apple emang cool a good-looking... Please search Macworld 2008 to get coverage complete him. Almost all the great IT medias covered him, full power, most medias sent his great reporters to cover Macworld each year...

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