Gateway Increased the Spec to Gain the Market

Like saying words "Maintain is more difficult than Gain", so that currently tries to be carried out by the manufacturer of the computer from America, Gateway. In order to maintain his position, Gateway had the accurate step to continue to maintain the customer who currently is held. One of the steps that was taken by Gateway, including being by increasing the specification of his product. Gateway made 3 categories that were used to distinguish the area of the screen that was used in the new rank notebook. The P series was notebook with the screen measuring 17, the series M. was notebook sailed measuring 15.4, whereas the T series was notebook widely the screen was most minimal, around 14.1.

The three series notebook that has updated that then had the greater specification, like the Centrino Mobile Technology Intelligence processor and the Core Intelligence processor 2 Duo. However not only notebook that became the Gateway mainstay, Desktop then became the target update that certainly could attract the consumer even more. Gateway produced desktop the FX series, DX, and GT that were their respective also had the value plus special. For the category desktop, Gateway supplied his product with the Core processor 2 of Quad Q9300 that was supported with the capacity memory through to 6GB. did not miss GPU Nvidia GeForce 9800GT also joined in supportive display and the picture that good. Gateway then defined the price that varied for the series new rank notebook and desktop him this, from $549,99 to $999,99.

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