Control Toshiba Notebook with Your Gesture!

The time increasingly advanced, the human way of thinking could have then penetrated the matter that previously perhaps only was limited by the imagination. Like to control notebook that still need not be touched directly, was enough by moving the hands from the certain territory and without touching him, notebook this could have been controlled. This new experience that tried to be offered by Toshiba.

A revolution controlled the computer through the movement of the sign without being directly touching with this equipment. Feature unique this was named Gesture Control. David Woon, Senior Specialist -- Product Marketing South & South East Asia Toshiba said, the procedure feature this because of the existence of the movement of the simple hands that were printed by the camera that was gotten in notebook.

So this camera appeared to be able to read the movement of the hands of the user. However unfortunately not all the movements could be read this camera. "There were three movements that until this could be just read, that is the order" stopped"," play "and the" interval"." The three of them were undertaken from the long distance like used mouse, said David in the launching agenda in Geek Terminal Singapore.

The movement of the hands of the user has then been determined how must be moved so that could be read by fitur this. "So go be proper for mouse, when we wanted to light the video or men-stopped the film that was watched by us still need not touch directly or used re-beads." Enough of the long distances, he added. David explained, the maximal distance to control notebook berfitur Gesture Control was around two meter. But was suggested by David, the user could use him in the range of the distance half through to one meter.

First in The World
As feature just, this capacity definitely was not yet owned by all the kinds notebook from Toshiba. That is only was in two new notebooks they, F50 and G50. The two products were just launched in Singapore, whereas to arrive in the PC market the homeland, the user must be still being patient to the end of August. Toshiba was seen very much was optimistic about the capacity of his two products.

Moreover, Melinda Pudjo, Assistant Manager Strategic Planning & Communication PT Techking Enterprises Indonesia as the distributor notebook Toshiba in the homeland spoke that Toshiba to vendor PC first that had the capacity 'gesture control' this. "Vendor other until this was not yet that had," he stressed. Feature unique other that was met to two notebook this was fitur Face Navigation. That is, fitur that could recognize and remember the face that emerged in the screen and put forward them in a guidance of the search.

David said, the unique capacity of the two new notebooks Toshiba this actually was because of being attached by him Toshiba Quad Core HD Processor. Came from multi-core technology berkinerja high from Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.) and was united with Toshiba advanced the image processing technology, Toshiba Quad Core HD Processor integrate the four synergistic processing elements and functions Co-processor that dedicate that could support high definition the video stream, the image recognition and the image processing.

The difference between F50 and G50 only was gotten in the measurement of the screen. F50 that costing 2999 Singaporean Dollar sailed 15.4 inch, whereas G50 that price 4299 Singaporean Dollar sailed 18.4 inch.

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