The Difference Netbook and Notebook

The PC industry produced the species of the new product. His form was seen like notebook but not notebook. This product was given by the name netbook. Like whether his characteristics? Budi Wahyu Jati, Country Manager Intel Indonesia explained, the difference between netbook and notebook that was most basic was from the side functionality.

Netbook was aimed for the user that was content consumption now notebook more to the user that content maker. The "user netbook more was suitable for the user who used this equipment to internet, chatting, listened to music and the video." If notebook his task was more again difficult, and more was suitable for them who created some content, as editing the video or the picture, he said, in the media gathering in Cafe Neo Vanity Jakarta

From the measurement then we could at once distinguish the two equipment. Netbook had the measurement of the limited screen between 7-10 inch, whereas notebook minimal had the screen 10 inch and maximal 17 inch. "Netbook will not be made with the screen exceeded 10 inch, if has exceeded that not netbook again," accused Budi. The availability input and output devices in netbook also more limited. With the more cute and practical measurement, this equipment did not have optical the disk drive and only relied slot USB.

The reason is, said Budi, because netbook deliberate was made as briefly as possible to facilitate was brought by his user. That in line with his use that more lent to content consumption. Definitely him from the side of the price both of them clearly also were different. In general netbook price in the range US$ 250 - US$ 450, whereas notebook minimal US$ 500. In Indonesia personally, several producers PC entered the business netbook. Acer was the newest producer PC that released netbook Aspire One.

Beforehand had Zyrex, Asus, MSI and Hewlett-Packard -- in a mini manner notebook him -- that has more previously step on foot in this business land. So, whether your choice?

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