Dell Released Slim Notebook

The Macbook Air presence as notebook super thin and Eee PC the notebook mini evidently brought the inspiration for each manufacturer notebook in this world. The biggest computer company the number of two worlds, Dell in fact it was reported will release his two ready product kinds could compete with Macbook Air and Eee PC.

Dell increased the rank notebook the intensity by releasing the product that was named Dell E. Dell divided the Dell E product into two series, that is the series of the screen 8,9 inch and 12,1 inch. The series with the screen 8,9 inch more was aimed at could compete with sub notebook of the same class Asus Eee PC. And the series with the screen 12,1 inch was drafted so that could compete with notebook thin of the same class Macbook Air.

Dell E was subdivided to two versions, that is: the E Classic model that price with the cheap price and the model of E Video. For the model E the Video was then divided still became two groups, that is E the Video and E Video+ that were supported by the RAM capacity that was big to be accompanied by the media kept based flash. However for E Video+ had the bonus feature like the camera 0.3 megapixel and Bluetooth. The E series relied on the strength to the Diamondville Intelligence processor and compatible with the Windows XP operation system and Linux. The

Dell series that sailed 12,1 inch (or that was better known was acknowledged as Dell E Slim) had the thickness only 0,8 inch so as appropriate if being equated by several notebook had a thin body of the same class Macbook Water, ThinkPAd X300 or Envy 133. The E Slim series will it was reported be equipped also with feature WiMAX. Dell E will be released this coming August, whereas E Slim around September. Few leaks, the E series product will be released with the price of early $299

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