Acer Aspire One: New UMPC/Netbook King

Finally the competitor was very strong from the pioneer UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) Asus Eee PC emerged also. Anyone else if not from his king laptop economical from Taiwan: Acer. His name? The Aspire One. Aspire personally was flagship brand from Acer to laptop mini the measurement 12-an inch that was relative more expensive than the product laptop Acer other. Did not know when definitely him the day launching, but around late last July 2008. Several matters that were certain concerning his specification I note here. The UMPC term and "netbook" at this time often was used with the same meaning.

Several days ago I could receive the email that offered this product in the Balikpapan city, his price 4 million so many (forgot definitely him). Meaning that the product has been arrived in Indonesia. If seeing his technical specification, this product was indeed aimed directly "head to head" with Asus Eee PC. Design had the uniqueness personally compared to the design that has been begun by Asus. However disappointment continue to in the screen that still with the "strange" dimension in the style of DVD portable player that is 1024 x 600 (that was worn standard normal PC was 1024 x 768). However Aspire One succeeded in maintaining the price continued to be covered. The price of the SSD version 8 GB with Linux Linpus Lite was in USD 379 (hopefully the source of information was straightened by me).

The technical specification that succeeded in being gathered by me from various sources:
* 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 of LED-backlit display
* 1.6GHz atomic Intelligence of N270
* 512MB DDR2 SDRAM (expandable)
* 1,3 megapixel camera
* SDHC and the multi-format of the media readers
* 802.11b/g, Ethernet, three USB 2,0, VGA, and 3.5mm audio out
* One free mini PCI slot for WWAN
* 80GB hard drive (with XP) or 8GB solid state (with Linux)
* 2,5 or 5 hours ounce 3 or 6-cell batteries in XP the model, 3 or 7 hours ounce Linux
* 1kg (2,2 pounds)
* available in four colors - sapphire blue, seashell white, golden brown and coral pink
* the price $ 379 for Linux, $600 for Windows XP.

Along with was the direct photograph from Aspire One side by side with Eee PC 901 (saw the picture was supervised by this news). Several news mentioned that this product was aimed at will be sold by 6 million units in 2008, higher than the Eee target that only 5 million. Indeed the network of the distribution worldwide Acer far more stronger compared to Asus. Moreover after Acer bought Gateway in USA. But, the limitations of spare parts apparently will obstruct the achievement of the target sold that. Why could this UMPC product be so cheap? One of them was the use of this strange measurement screen. The dimension screen so was the screen that was used in portable DVD player that has been produced mass so as the price could be far more cheaper. Afterwards also the SSD use (solid state the disk) that was technology flash that was cheaper compared to traditional hardisk.

At this time the UMPC market increasingly solid the competition, very good for the community. Along with the players who have entered:

Asus Eee PC 901 and 1000, the Cloudbook Max netbook, Elitegroup apostr s G10IL mini-laptop, MSI apostr s Wind low-cost laptop, Giga-byte apostr s M912X mini-laptop, and Acer apostr s Aspire one, and of course should not forget the pioneer OLPC (one laptop per child) from Nicholas Negroponte.

The mini product laptop the MOBILE PHONE did not enter here because although spec technical entered, but his price a sky...

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