BenQ S41; difficult to be refused

After seeing it, we were not surprised if notebook this gained award red the Design Award teat as one of the products with the innovative design. One of his keys was the pattern of the colored circle purple in cover on him. It seems that quite normal, but this pattern in fact “glue” with special technology that was acknowledged as Laminated Color Metal Technology.

The result, cover this only did not have the unique design, but also strong owing to the use of the material from the magnesium mixture. As one notebook 14,1 inch, BenQ S41 appeared special beside the graphic card because of using GeForce 8600M GS. this graphic Card has supported was full DirectX 10 so as in accordance with the requirement Windows the Vista. GeForce 8600M GS had the speed clock graphic 1,2GHz and the speed of the memory 600Hz, so as could undertake game the difficult class even. Unfortunately notebook this only was supplied the Core Intelligence processor 2 of Duo T7100 (1.8 GHz),Or the lowered processor among the processor of Saint Rosa.

The result, if being compared notebook 14,1 inch from Zyrex and Axioo, BenQ S41 was seen was left. The use notebook this generally was very satisfactory. Keyboard with the big measurement and was felt in when being pressured to make the process typed was felt comfortable. We also liked the area touchpad that was made rough, made him responsive when being used. The switch touchpad that was made join had an opportunity to be felt strange, but we succeeded in adjusting easily.

As usual, the quality of the screen notebook BenQ was seen special, with brightness that was high so as to stay comfortable was used to watch the film of Pirates of Caribbean that often put forward setting dark. Apart from the HDMI existence, facilities that were given notebook with the weight 2,4 kg this be classed as be equal to notebook other, like WiFi, Bluetooth, the camera, card reader, and DVD Writer. However had one matter that must be recorded was facilities WiFi him that supported the standard of Draft-N. The result the capacity wireless was classified as fast, that is around 2,4MB/detik when transferring the different data the floor in our office.

in our note, not many notebook the class 14,1 inch that had the graphic card independent like BenQ S41 this. And the performance gaming and multimedia was more special was compared notebook of the same class. Notebook this indeed only used Intel T7100, but has been powerful enough to undertake the application of the difficult class even. Increased by his price only around US$ 1149 (without the operation system), BenQ S41 was the choice that was difficult to be rejected. Plus: the good design; the graphic card was powerful; was equipped by HDMI; was glad being used. Backward: Only used the processor T7100; was not equipped by the operation system.

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Great laptop! I wish I have this one... Can you tell me where's the cheapest laptop store in Mississippi?

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