Intel Launched Two Cheap Computer Platforms

Intel Indonesia Corporation launched two categories of the computer platform had expenses low that is netbook and nettop. The company microchip this at the same time also introduced his one product from the category netbook available in the market that is Power Classmate PC Intelligence. According to Country Manager Intel Indonesia Corporation Budi Wahyu Jati, the aim of the company of launching two categories had expenses low this that is to open technological access for them who until now still could not have the computer. "Hope" of "Intel, one person had one computer," said Budi in the press conference in Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta, on Thursday.

Apart from opening access, Intelligence also wanted to take part in promoting the local industry. For the Power Classmate PC Intelligence product, Intel co-operated with two local industries. "There were two local industries that co-operated with Intelligence namely Zyrex and Axioo." If later was needed by us will increase the work was the same as the other local industry, said Budi.

One of the product reasons that was launched had expenses low, according to Arya Sanjaya, World Ahead Bussines Development Manager Intel Indonesia Corporation, the newest product Intelligence used processor mobile celeron. "Processor this the power opinion, because that the component was not hot so as to not need the special cooler," explained Arya. From the Zyrex side, Timothy Siddik, said the other reason cheap him the price, because as the local industry, his company could press the cost assembling, the distributor's cost, and the other cost.

According to Timothy, Zyrex will market this newest product not only in Jakarta but also outside Jakarta. The plan is, continued Timothy, on Saturday (23/2), Zyrex will open the stand of the sale of the Classmate PC product in Taman Anggrek Mall began to strike 19,00 of WIB. "Price that was offered revolving between US$300 up to US$350, but the unit was limited," said Timothy.

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