Mini Notebook With Big Capability

Notebook Mini=work barely adequate? Not also, because Asus F9S succeeded in showing the achievement and facilities that could be relied on. Fingerprint scanner was placed far to the side right low, minimized the possibility was brushed against without deliberate. Notebook the class 12,1 inch until now was identical to the achievement and limited facilities. This was not free from his measurement that was small (so as rather was difficult to be added heterogeneous facilities) as well as his allocation that went the user who often went on a trip (that did not need notebook that was complete).

However the image was seldom broken with the presence of Asus F9S. as one notebook the class 12,1 inch, facilities and the achievement notebook this did not lose with notebook the upper class. That was most important was the use of the graphic card independent, nVidia GeForce 8400GM. this graphic Card indeed including the class low-end, but at least had the performance that was better than the graphic card onboard that was used by the majority notebook the class 12,1 inch and 14-15 inch.

On the left, And You Too will find port HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) that also usually is available in notebook the multimedia class. HDMI this personally functioned connected notebook to TV equipment or the projector to deliver the high definition film.

The achievement notebook this also could be relied on by the use blessing of the Core Intelligence processor 2 of Duo T7500 (2,2GHz) with the memory 2GB. this Blend easily completed all the testings that were carried out by us, in fact with the time note that was special among all notebook that once we the test. In the everyday use, notebook this was also rare most stagnant when undertaking the operation system of Windows Vista Home Premium. Must be recorded if the specification of the unit that we received a little on the standard (Asus F9S the standard used Intelligence T7300 and the memory 1GB), but the testing that did at least showed the big capacity that was offered notebook this.

Spoke about the use, notebook this succeeded in making us feel comfortable when using him. The plank keyboard him was felt comfortable when being typed, also not was felt hot although being used in a period of that was long. Small details but important was thought about by Asus, like indicator light that was switched on during mode WiFi active, as well as the indicator in the screen that showed the level of the volume, brightness, and the other parameter.

Fingerprint scanner that was placed far to the side right low also minimized the not deliberate possibility was touched the hands. --- must be remembered that the unit that we this test had the processor, the memory, and harddisk that was higher compared to Asus F9S the version of the standard (with the price US$ 1499). So please consultations with the Asus distributor to know the price F9S with the specification was as sophisticated as this. However the graphic card, port HDMI, and fingerprint scanner continued to be in the version of his standard, so Asus F9S continued to be able to be counted notebook light with the big capacity.

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