Netbook Price Descending!

A surprise was given by Acer. Last week, Acer made an announcement that the price of two models netbook will descend US$ 50. The ruler of the biggest computer market this fourth world said will cut off the price netbook Aspire him from US$ 399 to US$ 349. The price netbook Linpux Linux Lite him then was lowered from US$ 379 to US$ 329.

This was early of the price war from the producer of the computer ultraportabel that suddenly took part in filling the market netbook that had a cheap price? Could be. Because of at this time was many the newcomer in the site netbook. One of the industrial analysts from the agency of the electronics market of Envisioneering Richard Doherty in fact predicted that the price netbook still will continue to decline.

According to him, the price netbook could fall to the level US$ 299 or even US$ 249 before the season of the holiday of the year end. “The price could be the same as the cellular phone, or even cheaper,” Doherty said.

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