Virtual Computer From India!

Two technical students from Kerala, India, working on the project to develop the virtual computer. Eventually, this computer could it was hoped replace the role laptop and USB Flashdisk. The student who was named K Ansar and PP Ismail presented the prototype of the computer virtual.

With this virtual computer, you could keep all the important documents, musics, full color pictures and even the video. Not only that, eventually the virtual computer same could be used for the program installation in accordance with user's desire. Precisely as having one laptop personally.

"The idea is, so that the person eventually still need not carry laptop and USB Flashdisk Drive everywhere." Be enough kept in the site and accessed from anywhere in the world. That was needed only infrastructures to access the internet, said Ansar.

Did not stop arrive in there, Ansar and Ismail meant developed the virtual computer for cellular phone. So, access in the data and the application belonging to the user could be carried out only via the cellular phone. "We were trying to develop this project in the application" of the "cellular phone." When the service 3G began to be popular, we thought the virtual computer will become more interesting if being applied in the cellular phone, said Ismail.

However, Ismail said, at this time bloxtr did not yet have the speed and feature is proper for the professional application generally. They hoped will have the prepared company funding the development of their project.

Apart from the computer project virtual, Ismail and Ansar together with their three friends had won the project from a local company software to develop the system that could make the schedule of the aircraft flight tersaji in the cellular phone. They also dreamed of developing the information system between the campus.

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