Acer Mini Laptop Again!

Acer had finally expressed details of the mini laptop product with the price relatively cheap. Although sliding was enough late, this laptop will be the mainstay warded off the Asus Eee PC popularity or laptop mini the foremost make other like from Hewlett Packard and Dell. Acer then brave aim at sold Aspire One until 7 million units during 2008.

Acer indeed the self-confidence that the segment of the market mini laptop will continue to explode and so tren the consumer. Named Aspire One, this laptop priced with the price began USD 379. Aspire One could work was good with the Linux operation system and Windows XP.

Aspire One was supplied the newest Intel processor Atom. RAM 512 MB or 1 GB, depended its version. While storage capacity available in the choice of the NAND version flash memory 8 GB or 80 GB HDD. To connect to the internet, Aspire One was supplied by Wi Fi 802.11b/g. Acer also was planned drowned the supporter WiMax and 3G feature for the Aspire One version the future.

Although not yet clear when sliding in Indonesia, Aspire One plan will patrol the computer shop in various parts of the world this coming 2008. Therefore, could be ascertained by the competition in the segment laptop mini will be increasingly hot.

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Prince said...

Nice!! I already have latest technology laptop...

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