Touchscreen Notebook, New From HP

Followed your tracks him TouchSmart IQ500 that was present in July set, Hewlett Packard (HP) again announced his brand new series. The new series this continued to carry the uniqueness in fitur the screen touched be proper for in the series IQ500.

TouchSmart feature here automatic will shift the position of the function mouse uptil now. So, for the series IQ800, the HP drafted in two types that almost were similar, that is TouchSmart IQ804 and IQ816. The two IQ series just this together was designed with the screen measuring 25.5 that combine with the resolution 1920 x 1200, the TV tuner with re-beads, as well as could collaborate with the camera web.

Bluetooth feature, the package HP of the media and keyboard that could be on also could be found in the two series. The series IQ804 had clock speed that was higher compared to IQ816, that is as big as 2.16GHz with the Core processor 2 of Duo T5850. This series used the bus 667MHz and cache 2MB.

The two series together used the Core processor 2 Duo, but IQ816 used the series T8100 with clock speed 2.10GHz, the processor that worked to the bus 800MHz with cache 3MB. IQ816 was also bundled up with the media Blu-Ray driver. Well for you the lover game, when used IQ804 also could increase the achievement of the graphic component of GeForce 9300M GS to GeForce 9600M GS.

From information that was released, IQ804 will be released this coming September 21 with the price of the range $1,899. Whereas the series IQ816 will force you to grope in the pocket more in, around $2,099. The series IQ816 will rock from side to side to the market this coming October 12.

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