Toshiba Issued 2 New Notebook

Toshiba currently is ready to launch a pair notebook Tecra, M10 and A10. The two series reportedly was drafted with the formation of the component that was counted great. Toshiba drowned the Core Intel processor 2 of Duo P8400 with clock speed 2.26GHz, P8600 in clock speed 2.40GHz and T9400 in clock speed 2.53GHz.

Here the user could choose some. The memory that was used then reached 4GB maximally the capacity of HDD 200GB or SSD 128GB. New Notebook Toshiba was supported with the graph card of NVidia Quadro NVS 150M with TurboCache in the graph memory that have a capacity 256MB.

Both Tecra M10 and A10 together was supplied with the Bluetooth connection as well as the wireless connection used protocol 802.11a/b/g. M10 came with the measurement of the wide screen 14,1 whereas the series A10 was designed with the wider screen, that is 15,4. For Tecra M10 price of early $1,179, whereas A10 was bundled up with the price $30 more

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