SSD 160GB from Intel!

What a huge storage media!
Computerworld reported that Intelligence confirmed the line of the solid product state drive (SSD) just to laptop that will have the storage capacity through to 160GB. the Spokesperson Intel said that they will introduce SSD 1,8inci and 2,5inci that offered the free storage hard the disk in the second quarter 2008.

Intel demonstrated the SSD prototype works high in Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the beginning of this year. When that, Intel said that they did still not break whether they will sell the product - this product direct to retailer or through the producer laptop and PC.

Intel now offered the SSD product ultra small energy saver for the implement - the portable implement, including 2GB Z-P140 PATA and 4GB Z-U130 USB.They since long ago had not kept his desire secret to spread portfolio his SSD product significantly.

The previous IM Flash Technologies month, a co-operation between Intel and Micron Technology announced a NAND technology flash memory have a speed high just that offered the speed of the transfer of five times was faster than NAND technology conventional.

Although the analysts said that the client corporate will begin to consider the profit that was offered by SSD from 2008, his price that was very expensive will possibly hinder the SSD sale the last few years.

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