[Gallery] Futuristic Laptop Design!

Laptop design often will not change. Several concept notebook show the indication in that direction.

The Compenion concept notebook was designed by Felix Schmidberger with two LED panels organic super clear that could be launched to replace each other, made notebook this only had the thickness only 3 inch.

The Canova concept notebook from fitur the design V12 with two display the screen touched. He could in oriented as laptop traditional to type or wrote, And You Too could change him in such a way as apparently as e-reader.

The Siafu concept notebook results of the design of Jonathan Lucas. The picture from the application and the site was changed in the form of 3D to the Siafu surface.

The Cario concept notebook in the design by Anna Lopez, he could be carried everywhere and was slipped around your car steering wheel.

The Solar Laptop Concept in the design by Nikola Knezevic, he had the hinge discount more that was covered the solar cell to get solar power.

source: computerworld.com

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