Intel Prepared the Atom to Rule The World

TGDaily reported that Intel issued the processor that they mentioned the product was most significant after the issuing of the Pentium processor: the Silverthorne processor and Diamondville that were made special for the implement - the portable implement with the make of the "Atom." Although the Atom will not break the new record in the aspect of the achievement in PC or laptop you, they were chip valuable very cheap that was produced in a very large number of to control the portable implement market and PC cheap.

Intel Inside

This Atom processor will at first be aimed at to mobile the internet devices (MIDs) and afterwards will be aimed at the market - the market developed to reach the poor consumer. On the whole this idea not just, AMD also was in this market for some time with CPU Geode, VIA had chip C7-M. and ARM had several blueprints that has licensed to the producers all over the world.

But for Intel, the segment of this market was still relatively new and the Atom was developed as a serious effort to seize the market share in the segment of the implement - the portable implement and the cheap computer.

Intel will offer two versions of the Atom: the version for the implement - the portable implement would base core Silverthorne, whereas the version for PC cheap base core Diamondville that was the descendants Silverthorne that has optimize to operate on the application desktop.

In the aspect of the achievement, Intel compared the Atom with Pentium M. 90nm with core Dothan, but Silverthorne integrated fewer cache L1-D (24KB vs 32KB) and cache L2 that was smaller (512KB vs 2MB) whereas the two processors really approaching from the aspect of the frequency.

That made the Atom special not the achievement or consumption of his energy, that is 0.6 - 2,5 watt, but the fact that Intel will make other the platform was named the Centrino Atom and evidently they could produce CPU this only by several dollar then.

The Centrino strategy beforehand has the big success and this strategy, that will include the graph, WiFi, 3G and WiMax through the Menlow platform was made press the price of the production as low as possible. According to CEO Paul Otellini, Silverthorne was CPU cheapest this company for the last 20 years and Intel had an opportunity to integrate the processor to the product with the price less than $100.

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