Dell Latitude XFR D630: Adventuring Laptop!

Dell on March 4 issued the model laptop firm him that was newest (and was guaranteed that was best), Dell Latitude XFR D630. This product was different 180 levels from Apple MacBook Water. XFR D630 have the shape of thick and bad, MacBook thin and pretty Water. D630 very 'friendly IT', MacBook Air not.

Most firm products were marketed in the government, the military and the commercial user. But the producers did still not touch the person - the person who often went on a trip and the person - the person that liked bring laptop during adventuring. The newest product of Dell Latitude XFR D630 this was seen ideal for the segment - this segment.

Laptop this filled the standard of the American military for the soundness (the standard MILE-STD 810F that was spent by the Pentagon). D630 kept towards high humidity, the temperature of the extreme from (-20 to 140 levels), the height through to 15.000 foot and the environment was very dusty.

Dell aimed at distinguishing this system from the producer laptop firm other like Panasonic by giving priority to the achievement, not only the soundness. XFR D630 used the Core Intelligence processor 2 Duo and had the RAM capacity the maximum 4GB along with by one hard drive kept threw. This product also had the screen 14,1 inch that was big enough to a laptop firm. Dell said that they will include a management system thermal that enabled the graphic achievement super fast.

Dell made an announcement to the press that XFR D630 offered:
* Five time firmer than the other competitor solidly state drive
* the Battery of Latitude ExpressCharge that had filling time was faster 30 minutes from the competitor
* the Screen 500 nits that could be used outside the room
* Technology resistive touch that was integrated
* the Appointment hard drive, LCD and the main electronics component that kept threw
* the Mechanism dual locking butterfly in order to be easy to access the component of
* Keyboard was closed that was designed to keep rain and dust

XFR D630 was the version D630 that has firmed, and this became the value plus special. For example, this meant XFR D630 used the configuration of conventional software and did not need firmware especially or the other battery adapter. XFR D630 was the opposite MacBook Water, measuring big (2.6 x 3,9 x 10,2 inch), heavy (4,03 kg), had many connectors external and was black. Unlike Water, D630 valuable very expensive, was begun from $3.889.

Click here to visit the page of the XFR Dell product and the Dell announcement to the press.

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