Reinstall Laptop OS

This week could the work that was invited and hoped for, tired and annoyed it seems, the work was install repeated laptop, the first installation because many file regedit that was chaotic. Especially could not detect driver Nokia E51 that every time was activated/connected always emerged “USB Phone Parent” error, has looked for the solution for this problem in Nokia the forum through help searching via google, continue to then this solution did not help, because this mobile phone functioned also as the modem to connect internet, yes be forced install repeated the only one way. on one hand love also install repeated because must install repeated all the applications that were enough to take up time, the power, snack, the drink, food also:d

This repeated installation on last Sunday was finished all of them at 12 o'clock in the evening because must install update windows XP service pack 3, really tiring isn't it….. just was used on last Monday eh... today was attacked by the virus and trojan just because of searching crack in the internet, really unlucky today. in fact before exploring the internet already in supplied with the Kaspersky defence weapon 7, but continue to then pass. this the second installation this Sunday. This second installation just because of searching crack to software Mindmanager 7 for, possibly this the warning to did not use a crack software :d, but his warning came from the provider crack to bought anti virus. evidently Kaspersky could be penetrated also by trojan this, the form trojan this one file .exe that was met in the package keygen to mindmanager.

Have tried to eliminate the virus with used PCMedia antivirus stayed impotent to oppose the trojan/the virus. anti the virus what yes that was potent to become the security unit in the our computer…..? Possibly was in a relationship the experience like this…

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