[How To] Treat Your Laptop LCD

1.Don't placed the burden that was weight above laptop if we placed the thing thing that the big weight burden above laptop, its could cause the scratch in the LCD screen.

2.Avoid placed laptop in the bag with the thing that too much with things.. because of causing the occurrence of the pressure on laptop

3.Give an attention with the temperature condition
Laptop or notebook was compiled from various electronics components that the work was affected by the temperature. Among them, the too extreme temperature, for example too hot or too cold, could disrupt the achievement or even broke laptop. Therefore, avoided the habit left laptop inside car that was parked under intense sunlight. Avoided also laptop was low the direct beam the Sun rays. Generally the producers recommends the temperature between 5 - 35 Celsius levels. In the meantime, for the height laptop was recommended worked in the height below 2.500 meter above sea line.

4.When you will keep laptop in a long time (one week more), it is better released the battery and kept in the cool and dry place, and quite good air circulation. Place gel silicon to avoid the fungus. Like that wanted to use him came back, the current or the contents of the battery with filled and emptied fully as many as three successive times.

5.Avoid magnetic field
to protect the available data inside harddisk, don't place the device contained the magnetic field/electromagnet strong around laptop. Device the producer of the magnetic field, for example speaker that unshielded speaker system or the cell phone. If you want to accessed internet used facilities infrared to the cellular phone, placed the cellular phone in distance around 15 cm from laptop.

6.Use a stabilizer
If you were working in laptop by using electricity (without the battery), then better used stabilizer that could prevent the occurrence of the tension of electricity that was unstable to your laptop.

7. Shut down correctly.
Don't turn off laptop during indicator light harddisk still blinking. This condition showed hard the disk was still active. The power loss suddenly (for example during laptop was shut down) could result in data damage or the disturbance of the achievement in hard the disk. Ascertain indicator light harddisk turned off before you shutdown laptop.

8.Avoid the surface was too soft
should not place laptop when being on in the place with the surface that was too soft like the sofa or the mattress, so as laptop to was seen rather sank. This was very dangerous, because could hinder the hot issuing from inside laptop as well as made laptop was hot.

9. Monitor hinge
If being paid attention to thoroughly, in the fold between CPU and the monitor LCD was met the hinge that enabled the two components closed to one another. Must be realized that the most difficult burden in some laptop was in part this hinge. Therefore, should not give stamping at the time of open the monitor when wanted activated laptop. Likewise was the reverse, don't closed the monitor was too hard when being finished used the laptop.

10. Don't take apart laptop.
Take apart personally laptop or not by expert, was the action was really unwise. Laptop not like radio or fermented recorder normally. Many very insignificant parts that from factory already assembled by using robot's precision. If being soiled by you, then your laptop will broken serious. Brought always laptop that was broken to IT or service center from your laptop.

So 10 tips.. to treat Laptop so that always in the fresh situation …

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