New Wireless Mouse from Genius

Genius, again was present with launches two kinds mouse laser that was certain was supplemented with laser technology. Secondly mouse this was NetScroll 620 lasers (Advanced wireless the laser mouse) and Traveler T925 the Laser (Innovative wireless touch scroll the laser mouse). Netscroll 620 Laser Genius introduced mouse the laser without the cable, NetScroll 620 lasers. Mouse this promised the power traced that was effective in each surface kind. Supplemented with the laser machine 1200 dpi, mouse this gave navigation with soft without hindering the movement of the cursor and including more surfaces compared with equipment optic. With technology without the cable 27MHz, NetScroll 620 lasers saved the place in desktop. As the addition, mouse this also was supplemented with technology saver the power. This made him could remain for more than 12 months without the change in the battery.

Feature NetScroll 620 lasers: • without the cable: worked efficiently 360˚ was full of RF technology digital radio • the laser Censor for the performance traced that was consistent • Technology the power saver to increase the age of the battery • Comfortable was used with the right hands and left. The package of the sale NetScroll 620 lasers: • Mouse without the cable of • USB dongle receiver • the Battery - AA Alkaline • the fast Guidebook Traveler T925Laser, Mouse with scroll touched Genius added mouse the laser with scroll turbo without the cable that into the family mouse notebook with scroll touched that is Traveler T925 the Laser. Traveler T925 the Laser offered the function scrolling touched to eight directions without the mechanism of the wheel. This could it was promised facilitate the activity with mouse. Fitur other was Flip 3D hotkey to see all windows that was open and receiver micro that always readied was kept inside mouse.

Receiver with this USB connection would not real was seen when being transfixed in notebook because of his measurement that was very cute.

Feature Traveler T925 the Laser:
• Mouse the first laser in the world with technology scroll touched without cable
• Precision of the laser censor 1600 dpi
• Censor touched to scroll 8 directions browsing, right, left, upper, low and diagonal.
• Vista of Flip 3D hotkey
• the Distance of the work as far as 10 meter
• Micro receiver to more was easy to bring

The package of Traveler T925 the Laser:
• Traveler T925 the Laser mouse
• Micro USB receiver
• two batteries of Alkaline AA
• CD driver for Windows and MAC
• the Guidebook

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