Acer Ferrari 1100; Nice Design Laptop

From the side of the number, notebook the Ferrari series possibly did not contribute many in the Acer success in becoming the make notebook the number of one in Indonesia while 3 years were endless. However from the side of the image, Ferrari was successful showed if Acer could also make the product that was good-looking, elegant, at the same time male. That just recently Acer renewed the line notebook his upper class with Ferrari 1100. Notebook this basically the continuer Ferrari 1000. Physically both of them were similar: notebook sailed 12,1” that was wrapped the material of carbon fiber was black with the Ferrari logo in front. One with the image that was carried by him, in Ferrari 1100 And You Too will find many details that reflected the car image and the world of the race. For example the arch body that futuristic, touchpad that his texture was similar to the flag start, until typical red Ferrari lines. And the result, notebook this again showed his capacity as notebook most good-looking available in the market at this time.

Beside the specification, F1100 had one basic surplus compared to his predecessor: integrated optic equipment. Just warned, in Ferrari F1000 we must use troublesome external optic equipment his use. The other surplus F1100 was the existence scanner the examination of the finger to guarantee the security of the data. The processor that was used personally still from AMD, that is Turion X2 TL-66 with the speed 2,3GHz. The work of this processor was helped by the memory have a capacity 2GB, graphic onboard ATi Radeon X1270, and harddisk with the capacity 250GB. standard facilities notebook all was available here, from Wi-Fi a/b/g, Bluetooth, card reader, until Webcam 1,3MP. must be also recorded if F1100 only provided one measurement battery 6 cell have a capacity 5200mAh. This be different from F1000 that provided two batteries, that is the main battery 5200mAh and the reserve battery have a capacity 2400mAh.

Because of Ferrari 1100 used the operation system of Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit, we could not compare him in a manner head-to-head with notebook of the same class that in general used the Vista 32 bit. Moreover when being tested used Cinebench R10 the version 64bit, the speed render increased by approximately 9% compared to the version 32 bit. However as the grip, the Ferrari performance 1100 is good enough, especially in the testing 3DMark 2006. However was compared by MSI PR200X, Ferrari F1100 not faster. Another thing that was rather annoying was his battery resistance that only remained around 1.3 hours when undertaking the Battery Eater application and when turning the film of HD Video. This duration was felt minimal for one notebook 12,1” that usually often is brought went on a trip. However with the weight almost reached 2kg, F1100 possibly indeed not to often be mentioned. The use notebook costing US$ 2000 this was felt was comfortable enough. Hot that was produced continued to be awakened, with the picture that was seen sharply and did not bounce back, including when being used in the bright room.

Ferrari F1100 provided 84 switches keyboard, including the navigation switch (Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down). This switch had the good response, although we must seldom adjust with the Delete switch that was felt rather the smallness.

As the completeness of the standard, Ferrari F1100 enclosed an exclusive bag with the good-looking design. This was one of the proof how Acer paid attention to each detail seriously, that increasingly increased the image trapped that was carried by Ferrari 1100. His achievement was indeed not special, but notebook this will not fail to give the elegant impression to his user.

PLUS: the good-looking design; was equipped optic equipment and scanner the examination of the finger; supported Dolby Home Theater.
MINUS: battery Resistance was not more maximal.

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