NEC VERSA E6310, Saint Rosa!

NEC VERSA E6310 not only notebook that “beautiful”, but also was some notebook first in the world that used technology of Saint Rosa from Intelligence. With the Core Intelligence processor 2 Duo newest and graphics card nVidia GeForce FIVE 8600 as well as HDMI AV interface, notebook this could become the center of quality moving multimedia. The screen 14,1 inch that was clear with technology Super Shine View, DVD Super- Multi Drive, webcam 2,0 megapixel built-in with the Skype switch, and dual microphone equipped feature that was modern.

That was interesting, casing front notebook this was made from plastic with the texture like skin. Casing this anti the scratch and anti skidded, so was safe enough when being brought without the bag. Feature interesting other was touchpad that had the control of multimedia and office. The standard weight, 2,49 kg when being installed the battery of Lithium Ion. Windows Vista that was enclosed was the version of the Premium. The unit that was enough OK for various requirements with the make that was enough was believed remembered NEC was the producer of the computer (not only notebook) the number 1 in Japan.

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