Fujitsu 500Gb Laptop Drive

The producer laptop competed made HDD in the level of 500G. Fujitsu was the third producer who announced this. The two other companies were Hitachi and Samsung. Fujitsu made him consist of three layers of the disk that was covered the magnet with their respective capacity 170G.

The thickness from this disk around 12.5 mm was compared the normal disk is generally that is 9.5 mm. This caused HDD from Fujitsu this there could not is enough room in laptop generally, so as we immediately could not upgrade HDD. Hitachi had the same thickness, whereas Samsung said could maintain the thickness in 9.5 mm.

Fujitsu was planned marketed HDD this in May. HDD this will have interface Serial ATA (SATA) and could carry out the transfer could in the speed 300M bytes per the second. HDD this had the speed 4.200 rpm. Hitachi said will launch HDD him in January and Samsung said will launch him in March. Secondly HDD that was had by Hitachi and Samsung had the speed that was faster that is 5.400 rpm.

Thirdly drive this also was aimed for the DVR market (Digital Video Recorder) that was increasingly developing. A great number of DVR that more chose to use HDD laptop because more small and light.

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