Memory Effect? What is it?

Memory Effect?
The battery NiCad and battery NiMH had “memory effect”. Meaning that is if the battery was continually used by some before being filled up repeated, the battery “forget” that his power was still being available. As the illustration: If you, normally charges the battery until was full and afterwards only used 50 percent of his capacity before the following filling, in the long run the battery did not realize the capacity 50 percent that was not used. Your battery continued to function, but only 50 percent of his original capacity. To avoid “memory effect” was to carry out the cycle was full (the contents was full and emptied until was finished) the battery at least very much every time two or three weeks. The battery could be emptied by releasing the cable that the electricity plug and allowed laptop went by using the battery until stopped. This will ascertain the battery continue to in the healthy situation.

How saw the Value of the Battery?
There were two values to each battery: volt and amp-hours (Ah). The Ah value also was written with milliamp-hours (mAh), that was a thousandth amp-hour (for example, the battery 1Ah was the same as 1000 mAh). Amp-hours was the amount of energy that could be kept the battery. In other words, increasingly high thought amp-hour the battery, then increasingly old the battery could go. So if the battery that was bought by you had the value amp-hour that was higher than that was original, that will not cause the problem of the incompatibility. On the other hand, the voltage of the high capacity battery was not the same as the original battery. So, the voltage must be in range that was natural. To learn the voltage of the cell, took the value of the voltage between 3.0 and 4.2. The voltage that was taken was acknowledged as the voltage “nominal”, that meaning that for the need of the naming, where the actual voltage of the depending cell to the contents. Several manufacturers took 3,6V now that was other took 3,7V. Function and the achievement the two cells were same and could not be distinguished was based on equipment. This was valid to battery Lithium Ion with one cell. If the battery had two or more the cell then the voltage was multiplied with the number of cells.

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