Looked for Battery Replacement

If setting laptop has been true and the battery did still not give the amount of time that was enough, you must know the battery kind that was used by user before suggesting his replacement. The measurement of the battery (the dimension and heavy) depended to the manufacturer laptop and you will find had many styles of the dimension of the battery of being the same his matter with laptop. However, there were three battery kinds in the market: nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and lithium the ion. Nickel cadmium (NiCAD) was the battery kind laptop oldest in the market. The battery consist of nickel oxyhydroxide as the cathode, cadmium as the anode, and potassium hydroxide as electrolytes. This battery it was considered had the problem “memory effect” because the cell will not be filled up exceeded the number that was thrown away in the cycle beforehand. Sometimes this could be overcome by emptying the battery and being afterwards filled up was full. Unfortunately, this battery was not emptied until zero volt, but only until approximately 1 volt. The evacuation and this filling must be repeated several times and continue to did not improve the battery.

Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) was present after nickel cadmium and used nickel oxyhydroxide as the cathode, nickel alloys that was united in a heterogenous manner metal as the anode, and potassium hydroxide as electrolytes. This battery really with him approximately half NiCAD but his capacity 30 percent more. Initially this battery was believed in did not have the problem “memory effect”, but observation further showed that together with his resistance time will decrease and must be emptied/was filled up was every time full of 30 cycles. Lithium the ion was the newest battery kind that used the mixture lithium oxide cathode carbon like graphite as the anode and the compound organic as electrolytes. This battery was lighter than the two battery kinds that were named beforehand and did not have the problem “memory effect”. After the battery kind was known, you possibly necessary rotate the battery to minimalize “memory effect” or replaced the battery.

Try first the rotation if that was NiCad or NiMH. Jika the battery must be replaced, you could look for many providers of the battery with used search engine your favorite and typed (in quotation marks) “laptop battery”. The price of the replacement battery from 50 to 100 American dollar depended to the manufacturer laptop you. The weight from ¼ to 1,5 kilogram depended to the dimension and the battery kind. You better replace the battery (good that NiCad or NiMH) with lithium the ion to eliminate the problem “memory effect”. And better should not use the battery NiCad and NiMH the re-condition because more was susceptible to “memory effect”.

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