[How To] Chose a Laptop

Laptop or the lap-top computer has been the everyday requirement professional in fact also the student. In the purchase laptop, we often very much were mesmerized by the price that was given that was increasingly cheap. There were several matters that must be considered by you before buying one notebook, namely the speed of the processor, the measurement laptop, VGA Card, the completeness of multimedia, the completeness feature the network, casing, harddisk, memory, and his software. And was not significantly cheap that his quality was good. For example plenty of shops, vendor that offered laptop with the cheap price, with the processor celeron, centrino 740.730, and centrino duo. Was based on the specification of the place of the speed, could be put in order celeron that had the speed and the achievement that were lowered compared with the processor pentium 4 other.

Although the speed that was offered high, for example celeron 2 gigahertz, stayed far his difference with pentium 4 2 gigahertz, because cache memory that was received inside celeron small revolving 128 to 512 family planning, possibly the processor pentium 3 with the speed 1,2 gigahertz or often also in mentioned with Tualatin could match or compete with celeron this. Because this celeron was offered with the price was very cheap. There were many opinions that said that Celeron did not lose compared with Pentium 4 if in-overclock, but must be remembered, that overclock increased hot the processor, that resulted in the age of the processor being shorter, and damage that happened in laptop more is difficult to be handled from PC normally.

The code chip to prosessor this was 450, 440, 430, 423, 420, 410, 390, 383, 380, 373, 370, 360J, 360, 353, 350J, 350, 340, 333, 330, 320, 310 Pentium 4 had the speed that was higher until reaching 1 cloud so as to be able to be used to multi threading (accessed more than one operation) the Weakness of this processor only did not support wireless connection. This problem could be overcome with equipped wireless connection card that his price was relatively cheap. The Prosessor code 552, 548, 538, 532, 518. Centrino Duo was what was fastest in the market at this time. From the name could be concluded that in this processor was gotten 2 processors centrino the solo. This meaning that the speed that was offered then twice the speed centrino. His price then began to be cheap because the production cost was cheaper was compared made two processors.

Cache memory him was then very big, that is 4 clouds. The other surplus was supportive the operation 64 bit where really was suitable to undertake Windows Vista that was the newest version from Windows.Version Windows Vista I was launched by Microsoft and still was free. The processor that a Centrino Duo level was AMD Turion 64 x 2. The Prosessor code: E6700,E6600, E6400,E6300. Big laptop for the personal use where someone more often spent time in the field of the measurement 10,11,12,14 more appropriate. The practical small measurement and was easy to be brought, but the price that was offered more expensive. For the use as the replacement PC/Desktop better used notebook 15 inch. and the price that was offered relative was covered.

Because laptop was work equipment of the field, casing was the main matter.. Laptop cheap often was offered with casing that was bad, so as after several times the use would the crack and broken. Pilihkan casing that had the mixture alloy/metal, titanium, or that have material ebonite was mixed with metal fiber, so as to be able to keep the collision. Notebook was long-term investment, if in the use 2-3 months have had problems, casing broke out, certainly will be very damaging you. The completeness feature the network laptop that was good minimal had more than one USB and support with USB 2,0, bluetooth, infrared, RJ-45, the modem, LCD display out, the Out TV.

A great number laptop that was offered, but feature the modem that was available port, in a sense you must buy the modem, equipment of the additional modem so that could connected the internet. There were several vendor that did not provide driver his modem, so as to need the innovation or patience searched driver the replacement in the internet. The last important part was software of the operation system. Used software that was believed, like antivirus, the operation system. The user's majority used Microsoft Windows XP, not there is mistakenly used Windows XP original, because of the price that was offered for XP this was relatively cheap, around US$ 40.

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