Extended the Period with the Battery

Extended the Period with the Battery
The battery had the number of limited powers and even more that were carried out laptop, increasingly fast his power will be finished. Along with was several suggestions to really with the long battery: used the electricity plug if enabled. The application by many graphic, like games, or even watched DVD in laptop, could reduce the battery power in a signifi manner would. Avoid this activity until you used the electricity plug or reduced the resolution. Your Laptop will dismiss the commemorative sound when the battery power has almost been finished. You could arrange when the voice sounded from tab Alarm to Power Options. There were two setting that could be activated by you: Low battery alarm and Critical battery alarm. After chose, you could determine the kind alarm that was used, alarm with the sound and/or message. Few laptop was supplemented with the switch or utility to change brightness the screen. The LCD screen was one of the users of the biggest battery power so each reduction that was carried out by you will help extended the period with the battery.

You could use Hardware Profi le to turn off certain equipment that was not needed at the time. For example, you did not need drive CD/DVD then you could make profile to kill him and saved the power. The other method to confirm battery worked maximal was by taking off all peripheral that was not needed from laptop. For example, if having USB equipment that was not used by you then released them. Checked tab Advanced to Power Options and chose the action that was carried out when you close laptop or when you pressed the switch power. If you kept the battery and not used it, tried to get his capacity still remained approximately 40 percent. Don't opened too many programs at the time of that simultaneously. Be closed that was not needed to you not often used the CPU power and memory. The battery just came with the condition to have to be filled and charged was full before being used.

Better the contents be full and emptied the battery of two to four times to be able to achieve the maximum capacity. Guard the battery stayed clean. There is good him you cleaned the battery part that was dirty with cotton cloth and alcohol. This to the connection between the battery and laptop stayed good. Don't let the battery be kept still too long. Better use the battery at least very much every time two or three weeks. If the battery was not used for a long time, carried out the exercise as in the case of against the new battery. If you will not use the battery for a month or more, better kept in the clean, dry, cool and far from hot place and metal. The battery NiCad, NiMH and Lithium the Ion would mengosong personally while being kept; don't forget to train them before being used. Add RAM if could, because this will reduce the burden harddisk.

Used freeware power management like Power Center 2,12. Disable Auto Insert Notification in drive CD/DVD. Turn off AutoSave feature. Disable fitur automatic formatter, spell checker, and auto recalculate. Use the disc program caching like Norton Utilities to reduce time of disk access. If you had the battery back up, with in a changing manner with the battery that at this time was used. Used fitur Standby or Hibernate when resting. Use the smaller program if enabled (for example WordPad as the replacement Word).

Standby vs Hibernate
When was not using laptop and wanted to reduce the use of the battery without must turn off totally, you had two choices: Standby and Hibernate. Hibernation worked by making the image in harddisk and considering file, the folder and the application that were opened when you chose Hibernate. When lighted laptop came back the system would boot and returned to the situation originally with item that was same in the screen. Although depending to how many the power that was kept to harddisk, undertook laptop from hibernation far more faster from boot normally. When choosing resources, Standby possibly better if you will leave laptop for several hours or more. This will send the system to mode the power that was smaller by the fast profit of summary time when you wanted to begin to work again. If you wanted to postpone the activity for longer time, for example for a night, then Hibernate possibly the best choice.

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