Ego Bentley, The Most Expensive Laptop!

When many people let Centrino Intelligence loose 2 and the growth of the market netbook that increasingly increases, currently was present one laptop that came with the label brand Bentley. A company released the system computer portable that was complete, that will become one of the luxury from the Bentley car. The Bentley company created notebook just by the name of the Bentley Ego. Every time laptop the Bentley Ego was made by the hands that were original from Bentley. To make the integration that was harmonious from the design laptop the Bentley Ego, then the colour scheme laptop the Bentley Ego was made according to the color of the car lux Bentley.

Laptop Ego Bentley this could go with processor 65 bit and provided the capacity harddisk 160GB. Beside that, also was met 12 keys to direct access to faster undertook various applications that were wanted. The configuration laptop this Bentley Ego actually was not that special, only like the LCD screen 12.1 inch wide screen, and the Bluetooth connection. Laptop Ego Bentley this will go in the operation system of Windows Vista and one interchangeable skin. Now the price laptop this Bentley Ego might be counted had the price that almost was the same as the price of the luxurious Bentley car, that is revolving £10,000 , the quite amazing price so as to make him to laptop most expensive the Bentley version. However, unfortunately did not yet have the specification was more complete at this time, and according to the Bentley side, the more specific matter will be announced to British Motor Show, where notebook will officially be launched.

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