The battery of Laptop Dell Latitude Keep 19 hours

Dell, last Tuesday made an announcement the newest laptop series , Latitude. Latitude according to plan will become laptop ultramobile commercial that was lightest and the big system that provided battery endurance till 19 hours. For example the model of Dell Latitude E6400 could remain till 10 hours from one package of nine batteries and an addition of the available battery behind laptop that could remain to nine hours. Laptop Latitude this gave user access full all day long without needed AC adapter to charge the battery. Jeff Clarke, senior the Vice President and the General Manager from Dell, said that his side developed technology to support battery endurance from laptop. This technology focussed on the production of his component like energy saving from the battery. Dell also developed software him and the manufacture of his component to make the battery more durable. Dell also added feature this energy opinion to the Latitude model other, but also will be put in feature the Inspiron model.

Latitude E6400 will be present with the measuring screen 14,1 inch and went with processor the type of Core Intelligence 2 Duo. Laptop Latitude E6400 also had RAM the memory 8GB and the storage in harddisk 250GB. the operation System in Latitude E6400 was Windows the Vista, with the choice downgrade to Windows XP, and the revolving US$ price 1.139. It is another matter with Latitude E6500, that although having the same mainsail, but his price a little expensive around US$ 1.169. The Dell side also added the increase in the productivity laptop Latitude, that is AC adapter the more small and light battery filler, that could charge the battery was faster. Several Latitude models could in-charge with the property electronic device user, like the cellular phone, or via USB without must turn on laptop. Dell also will launch laptop ultraportable, including Latitude E4200, the smallest and lightest laptop from Dell version.

Latitude E4200, will be present with the screen 12.1 inch and heavy only 2.2 pound (1kg). Laptop ultraportable other like Latitude E4300, that had the screen 13.3 inch and heavy 3.3 pound. Secondly laptop ultraportable this will go with processor Core Intelligence 2 Duo ultra-low voltage (ULV) between 1,4GHz and 2,4GHz. According to Dell, while the price was not yet announced, and laptop will be present from next week. Laptop ultramobile Latitude also had fitur technology “Dell On”, that could facilitate user to access the email, web and contact without needing the operation system. However, Dell did not yet give details that were more again complete about the Latitude product ultramobile .

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